Remarkable Productions work with a wide range of arts organisations and freelance creatives to produce events, festivals and shows.

54 Chalton Street

Phone: +44 (0) 20 7387 1203
Fax: 0871 661 6760

Julian Rudd
Founder and Director

Julian Rudd has over 20 years experience as a creative producer, production manager and programmer on a range of events.

He founded Remarkable Productions in early 2005 and has an MA in Cultural Policy and Management.

As a creative producer, Julian’s earlier credits include Circus Mamloucos The Mamaloucos Experience (1995), Black Hole Theatre Company The Singularity (1999) and Walk the Plank/The Dhol Academy In the Dholdrums (2004).

Andy Gray
Festival & Sponsorship Manager (The London Mela)

Louise Watham
Marketing Manager (The London Mela)

Jem Melluish
Production Manager (The London Mela)

Martina Puchberger
Marketing Manager (Gi20 & Bouncing Cats & Boom Boom Pups)

Naomi Nekesa
Project Manager

Aidan Lesser
Production Manager